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Production photos by Maria Baranova © 2023

“Tony winner John Rubinstein is theater’s prez-iding man.”

– New York Post

“A fascinating experience. John Rubinstein has given us a great gift.”

– Joan Hamburg, WABC Radio

“John Rubinstein was quite amazing. Great. Completely engaging. I loved it.”
– Broadway Radio

“A perfectly cast John Rubinstein brings our 34th president back to life.”
– L.A. Times



A sterling performance”
– NY Stage Review


Excellently acted biodrama.”
– TheaterLife

“An illuminating tour-de-force performance.”
– DC Theater Arts

“Provocative and thoughtful. Ike served America well
and Rubinstein, in turn, does the same for Ike.”

– WBAI Pacifica Radio


“Rubinstein’s portrayal is nothing short of marvelous. It gives us hope
for our current democracy.”
– Manhattan Digest

“Filled with timely political lessons from a leader who strove
to put country over party.”

– Edge Media

“Yes, we do like Ike – and John Rubinstein.
An absorbing new play. Rubinstein is a wonder.

We could use a man like Eisenhower again. We can’t officially vote for him,
of course, but many who cast ballots for the annual theatrical awards next year will check off the box next to the names of John Rubinstein
and ‘Eisenhower: This Piece Of Ground.’ ...The production is so gripping.”

– Broadway Select

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